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Composer in Residence |

Lake County Symphony Orchestra

Charles began his interest in music at an early age, first playing concerts at age 12. At 17, Charles performed on tympani in an orchestra, playing Carnegie Hall in New York City, as well as the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Later, Charles was trained in percussion, music theory and composition at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Ultimately deciding to pursue recording arts rather than music performance, he entered the commercial music business, building recording studios in Cincinnati and Chicago. Scoring original music, he wrote for Sony, Kraft, Tide, Hefty, Glade and dozens of other brands for numerous advertising agencies. In addition, he wrote a raucous score for a feature film entitled “War Zone.”


Charles is also a gifted speaker and portfolio manager. He has shared his life-encouraging messages and financial counsel with countless individuals and in many venues over the years. In addition to being a guest on Fox News, Charles has been quoted by Sean Hannity and Bloomberg News for his financial expertise. Today Charles is the CEO of CB3 Financial Group, Inc. providing personal portfolio management and market-focused educational videos on his website.


Although Charles has continued to perform with orchestras in the Chicago area, in 2019 he shifted his focus to music composition. His most current world premiere is Christmas Concerto for Hammered Dulcimer, Strings & Percussion. The Lake County Symphony Orchestra (LCSO) invited Charles to be their first-ever Composer in Residence for the period of 2019-2022. The expectation will be for at least one new work premiered and performed by the LCSO over the next four years.


On a personal note, Charles is married to Alice.  They have six children and are the proud grandparents of five little ones.






(2021) Concerto for Orchestra | The Pandemic
(2021) Seven Last Words of Christ
(2020) Poem for American Acrimony
(2020) Horn Sonata #1 (w/Liz Ehlert)
(2019) Horn Sonata #1 (Mvts 1 & 2)

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